ISBN 978-0-557-15281-4

I have read, and reread, this book. Over and over. It keeps me laughing and engaged every time I read it. On one hand it is very well crafted and lofty for those of you who took the "classics" lit courses at university. On the other hand it is sharp, and barbed, and even quite base in it's wonderful humor to appeal to all who have a sense of humor.I can honestly say that as a writer, a reader, and as one who simply appreciates good story craft, and can get lost in the telling. I will be recommending this book to any, and every person I come across for some time to come.”

                                Dennis Sharpe

                    Poet, Author, Nice Guy

“My favorite books are literary curiosities that defy description, such as Tristram Shandy, Nabokov's Pale Fire or Beckett's Watt. "Dante's Inferno, A Comedy" by Declan Moran belongs squarely in this category. Like the epic poem at the heart of Pale Fire, Moran's "translation" is, on its own, artful, entertaining, surprisingly lyrical and true to the substance of the original. But the actual poem is only the starting point for the extreme literary madness of this bizarre and intelligent satire.

Hats off to Moran for his cajones, attempting something this original, complicated and sophisticated.”

                                Martin Olson

                    Singer, Writer, Hunson Abadeer



With updated Notes & Illustrations

by Declan Moran